28 May 2009

Oh, Baby!

Jack is 1 year old today! Happy Birthday Baby Boy!
We have enjoyed every moment since you've been with us. You've brought us joy and a special love that we didn't have before you arrived. Today you are becoming our little man and tomorrow you will grow up too fast! We both love you so very much so much that you will never really know. To many many more birthdays! Love Mommy and Daddy!

24 May 2009

Jack’s big day

Today we celebrated Jack’s 1st Birthday Party with all of his friends and family. We had a cookout with BBQ sandwiches, potato salad, Cole slaw, chips, soda and cake!

We were all exhausted and happy to finally be home. Jack settled in for his short nap and shortly there after he opened all of his gifts. You would think he graduated or got married because he got so many gifts!!!

See below what he got!

Birthday gifts May 24 2009 001

Birthday gifts May 24 2009 004

Birthday gifts May 24 2009 002

Birthday gifts May 24 2009 003

Birthday gifts May 24 2009 006

Birthday gifts May 24 2009 010

Birthday gifts May 24 2009 015

Birthday gifts May 24 2009 020

Birthday gifts May 24 2009 021

Birthday gifts May 24 2009 017

Needless to say he is one very lucky little boy!

Thanks to everyone who made this day a wonderful one for not only Jack but also mommy and daddy!

(More photos to come after I get them from my mother.)

18 May 2009

K & K Swap received!

I was delighted to hear from my husband today that I received a box in the mail. Right away I knew it was from my new best friend Tiffany! We are new blog pin pals thanks to Kristen and her great idea.

So ready to see what I received in my box:

Swap May 2009 004

First I received a sweet note from Tiffany along with the essential gardening tools, gloves (can’t get my fingers dirty), a knee pad, Aveeno hand lotion (I love this!), 3 pairs of socks (my husband since I've always been cold nature), and a gift card that will buy me 2 White Mocha Tall Coffee’s –my favorite.

Take a look at them all up close!

Swap May 2009 005

Note: My quilt on our bed. It’s it great?

Swap May 2009 006

Swap May 2009 007

Swap May 2009 008

Swap May 2009 009

What great stuff Tiffany! Thanks a million!

I must say it was hard to think of stuff only for me. After having a child the most things I buy are for him. So it’s a treat to have stuff for me.

Then again having all these gardening tools will motivate me to actually help my husband although I have been watering the plants on the porch which I assure you will turn into the Amazon and grow up to the 2nd floor. I’ll take photos soon I promise!

Do you ever?

Do you ever feel that you are left out of the loop??? Anyone, anyone??

I guess if things were meant for me to know they'd inform me, right? It boggles my mind really.

I suppose that some things are left to those who think they know it all. Or those who don't care to know or better yet those who just feel left out.

This would be my mysterious post of the year...as I can't give much more than that. This is my venting platform so enjoy what you can make out of it if anything that is.

Hope everyone is having a delightful day! Here in Atlanta it's a cool 61 degrees. I needed socks today but opted for my flip flops. I will be getting a well needed and deserved pedicure on Wed night since my Aunt is coming in for little man's 1st birthday party! I'm so excited.

14 May 2009

My little man

In just 2weeks from today my little man will be 1 year old! Where did all the time go?

Today was my day off and as luxurious as it sounds we’ve been very busy. My little man graced me with sleeping though the night he went down at 8:30pm and woke up at 6:30am and went back to bed for another hour so can’t complain much on his sleeping. We got up watched few of our cartoons, Mickey Mouse Club, Paz and Peep, and Handy Mandy. Then we ate our breakfast;  my little man ate 1/2 banana, 1 waffle and water. We read a few books and he was ready for a nap at 10 am. I quickly took my shower, dried my hair, got dressed and he was still sleeping. I got his diaper bag ready and my stuff all ready so all I’d have to do is change his diaper and leave. My little man woke up at 11:15, I changed his diapers and put on his shorts and t-shirt and out of the door we went. I had to go to Target and to drop my husband’s glasses off then we meet my parents at Panera Bread for lunch. YUM-O!

We went to the park for a little bit and now we are back home playing. Mommy is hoping for 1 more nap.

I finally took a few more pictures of him.

May 2009 001

Here I come!

May 2009 006

My little man loves to rock his horse!

May 2009 010

He thinks he found Cheerios from this morning in that bowl.

May 2009 002

Mommy trying a self portrait!

May 2009 003 

Okay one more try.

May 2009 008

Oh well it was fun trying!

13 May 2009

Not enough bubbles

Today during my lunch break, I had a 30 minute massage and it was so aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh relaxing and very well needed! Of course I didn't want to return to work but I had. I decided it was time to try out the new massage therapist at my chiropractor Dr Drew Rubin. He’s simply one of the best natural healers I’ve meet in my life as he always brings me and my body to a better place. Thanks Dr. R! If you are in his area, check him out he’s worth it!

I’ve learned over the years that it is very helpful after a massage to drink plenty of water and take a hot bath to loosen all those bad toxins. So of course I did...although here lies my problem. I didn't have any bubbles for my bath. Yes, I have the body wash, foot scrub, 2 for 1 shampoo/conditioner but wait where are my bubbles. Every lady has got to have her bubbles that is what makes your bath smell wonderful! So this weekend I’ll be looking for more bubbles.

Instead of bubbles I used Epson  salt which is good for sore muscles and such. NOTE to self:  During the massage, the therapist advised me to take Apple Cider Vinegar capsules to help release the extra water weight that my body retains. After over 3 years of seeing Dr. Rubin I believe strongly in natural healing of the body so here I come Apple Cider Vinegar capsules!

God's Promise

Last Saturday we spent the latter part of the day with my MIL for her Mother's Day. We went to a movie to see Hugh and later to a good old' home country meal for dinner. On the way to dinner, I was feeling pretty down about my friend with cancer, I was off in never never land and there it was a beautiful Rainbow that looked as if it started in Texas and spread over Georgia. It was huge and the most beautiful thing I saw all day.

My husband pointed out that we hadn't seen a Rainbow since our honeymoon over 2 years ago in Maui. In Maui you are bound to see a Rainbow everyday. But this one was special I know, my MIL said you know what a Rainbow means, right? She said a Rainbow is God's promise. Two simple words made me feel so much better. So now I'm hoping that the promise will come through and just not for my friend but for all the other prayers that I've wished for.

09 May 2009

Check out this blog!

I’m very proud of my boys…they’ve decided to join my in the blogging world.

You can find their blog at Jack of all Sports and yes it’s a great idea.

Go check it out!

08 May 2009

Secretary who?

Last night was the start of our summer bowling league, it's 16 weeks long and the first time I've bowled without my husband. However he suggested that I join to have my one night for myself without my boys. Originally it was going to be me and my two friends from work but then one of my friends was diagonosed with cancer and she won't be bowling. So the two of us went last night not really knowing what to expect. Again without my husband...but as my other friend K said that I'm very social and have nothing to worry about.

So we are sitting in the meeting room waiting for our instruction, divide out teams and hear the league rules! First and for most they need a Secretary to keep up with the weekly monies, call people if they dont' show and so forth...Penny (special events bowling lady) says any volunteers? I swear I heard crickets chirping...going once, going twice, anyone? So since my other friend won't be bowling (as I had thought to nominate her) I volunteered! Seriously how bad can it be? Penny said GREAT and come on up! (Um what, I have to be in front of strangers...I hate that. Please just don't ask me any questions!) Penny then asked for a President and then someone nominated Jason! So there you go!

First order of business divide out teams, my team consists of well me, K, and two boys we picked up who like us were stragglers. Personally I think we have the best team!

Currently there are only 9 teams, us being team #9. Our name you ask, "That's how we Roll!" Thanks K for your nomination! However Penny believes at least 8 more ppl will show up next week. So tba. Since we only have 9 teams we just bowled oursevles to establish our averages. I think I'm pretty consistent since I hadn't bowled before baby which is over 14 months ago with a 99 average! Only room for improvement right?

So needless to stay I'm looking forward to our Thursday bowling nights. I think its just want I need.

05 May 2009

I’m Guilty

Yes it is true…I’m guilty of something! Putting Jack down to sleep is one of the most relaxing things I get to do as a mother. Just imagine, it’s about 8pm just starting to get dark, his classical music is playing, and your son starts to wind down in your arms.  He puts his head on your shoulder and wraps his arms around your neck and yawns. I start to rock in our rocking chair which has been in the family for over 37 years, a wedding gift my parents received and I was very happy to have it passed to me. It’s beautiful rhythm is so soothing and it keeps us both calm. Before you know it Jack is a sleep and I’m guilty. Guilty of holding my son too long after he’s been asleep. I promise you this there is simply nothing better!


Oddly I don’t have a photo of Jack sleeping at 11 months as every mother knows that you don’t wake a sleeping baby. This photo was taken when he was maybe 6 days old and asleep in his boppy. Just imagine him walking and about 23 lbs today.

01 May 2009


I found out today that a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. What? Really? Excuse me? How can that be? How come the doctor didn’t catch it earlier?

My friend, is a dear friend of mine, and I can’t even fathom what her family is going through. My heart weeps for them. I want to do anything but for now there isn’t much to do. I want  her to be okay, in peace, out of pain, and I want her to not worry about everyone else.

She is the rock of her family. She is the responsible one. She is the “oh don’t worry about me” type. She always worries about everyone else except her.

I want to see her, I want to hug her, and I want to tell her that we will do anything for her. I want her to be okay. Is that so hard to ask?

It sucks to know it won’t be like it was. I won’t get to talk to her every morning on our way to work, I won’t get to have lunch with her, and it just won’t be the same. How selfish is that? I guess to have normalcy back is just a small wish for her, now.

March 2008 001

To protect my friend and her family, I decided not to go into much detail about her situation, as I know she is a private person and I want to respect that.

I just want her to know we love her.