24 February 2009

The Bag Tag

My blog friend Tiff posted her Bag Tag today and I felt as her friend I shall do the same but I warned her…I will have more crap in my bag then her.


This is my everyday bag. I got this as a gift from my Aunt Geri for my 30th birthday! I truly love my Coach purse and haven’t put it down in about 2 years!

But what is in my bag?


Well here it goes: There is my brush with my many hair ties, my Vera Bradley wallet (by the way I have a matching purse but its much smaller), coupons to our favorite breakfast place, 2 monthly calendars as you can see I haven’t moved everything over from my old one so I just carry them both, tampons, matches that my husband put in my purse, keys, cell phone, a lid to jack’s plastic cup, my inhaler, Tylenol and my Ibuprofen, pens one which is my GA pen, Shout wipes, a nail file that they say never gets dull from my MIL, checkbook, gum, sunglasses that we bought last weekend for only $5, Kleenex – every mother must have these, my mirror which is the first gift my husband gave me when we were dating, floss, Gwinnett Gladiator Hockey schedule, Sudafed, chap stick, and my business card holder that I bought in Maui on a vacation!

So yes, Tiff, I think I have more stuff then you! Do I win?

I dare you to show us what’s in your bag?

What is Mardi Gras?

Photo taken from the balcony at the Royol Sonesta over looking Bourbon Street!

Recently on business trip a colleague and I had visited New Orleans...we asked someone what is Mardi Gras? We knew what it celebrates but wanted to see what others thought!

One said that it is a celebration of drinking and partying! Well yes, some may think that but that is not the real reason behind Mardi Gras!

Facts on Mardi Gras:

1. Also known as Fat Tuesday, the final day of Carnival

2. The begining of Carnival starts on Jan. 6th known as the Twelfth Night.

3. First celebration in the U.S has been dated back to 1699 but not in New Orleans till the 1740's.

4. The first U.S parade started in 1838.

5. The colors of Mardi Gras are purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power.

6. Mardi Gras is always scheduled 47 days preceding Easter.

7. If you get the baby in the King Cake it is said that you are the Queen for the day and you will have good luck in this year! And you will be asked to host next year's King Cake Party!

8. In 1875, Governor Warmoth of Louisiana signs the "Mardi Gras Act" making it a legal holiday in Louisiana, which is still is.

9. By law, float riders must always have a mask on.

10. It is traditional for you to receive doubloons that are throw from the floats but watch out as if you pick them up you are likely to get knocked down by another trying to get it too. These coins were also the first coins minted in America.

Don't forget to eat your King Cake today!

20 February 2009

A letter to a friend

Dear friend,

I don’t know how to express my feelings other than write you this letter. I’m very upset that you haven’t made an effort to meet our child since he was born. Jack is now 9 months old and his parents are very disappointed in you and your family. We have been friends for over 12 years and I expected much more out of you.

You and your husband have two lovely, well-mannered, adorable children that we love and miss dearly. When your oldest was born over 5 years ago, I visited you and him in the hospital and in the ICU, which made me feel so special to your family. Every holiday, birthday or family gathering that I was invited to I showed up. I did this for you. I did this because I love you and our friendship.

When Jack was born and we had thought about whom we’d want our child to grown up with if we weren’t on this earth anymore (or either of our parents); we knew that you and your husband would be that family for him. We knew that he would be loved, raised similar to our understandings and beliefs, and turn out to be a well rounded young man.

Since we live about 45 miles from each other I understood that traveling with two small kids wouldn’t be easy but it shouldn’t be impossible either. A couple of weeks ago we touched based by phone and you apologized for your lack of trying to visit us. I accepted your apology and you had suggested that you want to visit. We set aside two days that would work and after committing I was sure things would work out. However two days prior to that day I received a voicemail saying that you wouldn’t be able to make it yet again. To be honest I was pissed and I didn’t even listen to your entire message, I just deleted it.

At first I was mad, why would you do this? Are we not important to you? Do you think this makes our friendship okay? Would God be okay with your decision?

To be honest I’m not dwelling on the situation anymore between us as I will not wait for you to do what is right. That time has passed. I’m disappointed in you my friend and I am not sure how you can even make this right anymore.

All our friends and family had come to visit us in the hospital, we there for 4 nights, or visit us at home . Do you know how embarrassed we felt when our family would ask if you visited yet? What a horrible feeling.

Again, I wanted you to know how I was feeling about your decisions. I hope no one ever puts you in this position as you have me. I will not contact you, I will not continue to be the one to try and work this out as I’ve done nothing wrong.


Notes to the readers:

*I will not be mailing this letter as my friend as she recently moved and she didn’t share her new address with me and she doesn’t have email.

*I just needed to vent and get this off my shoulders.

Thank you for reading…comments are welcomed!

15 February 2009

My Husband

This blog goes out to my husband. Why you ask? Simply because he is everything I’m not and everything I always wanted. Warm, sincere, humors, loving, supportive, kind, smart and he wanted me. I thank god everyday for him and Jack in my life.

Our story…

We meet on yahoo personals over 2.5 years ago, though I had doubts I’d find anyone worth my time, he surprised me with his deep brown eyes, gorgeous smile and his charm. One date turned into two and then our 3rd date I think I took him out for his 30th birthday. I told him I’d take care of the details if he’d just drive and he agreed. To his surprise, I bought us Braves tickets (he is a huge fan!), all the food, beer and parking. He also meet my brother who is also an avid fan and went to most home games that year. I figured if he didn’t scare him off nothing would. Many dates later he told me that, my birthday gift to him was one of the  best non-family gifts he ever received. I said you have to give to get in a relationship. At that date, he later confessed that is when he knew we were a great match.


Our short romance turned into love very quickly but it felt like I knew him for much longer than 6 months before he proposed on my 30th birthday! History was made in just 4 short months when we planned our wedding and wed on April 7, 2007.  All the event leading up to that day was memorable and worth every penny spent to see all our friend and family there supporting us.

We spent out honeymoon in Maui at the Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort. Did I say FREE? Well, yes it was free compliments of one of my hotel clients. We definitely had the best of time from snorkeling, to hiking the country side, visiting the winery, eating at Longhi's and hiking Haleakala. All while I managed to get bronchitis! But all well worth it.

Five short months later we found out we were expecting. A dear friend of mine who’d been trying for 1 year said to me “don’t wait long as it may take as long as us”. Little did we know we didn’t need time or help.  After the ups and downs of the pregnancy our baby boy finally joined us on May 28, 2008.

Jack Aaron was born at 6:24 pm weighing 7lb and 8oz.


We are the lucky one’s. We found each other, he’s my best friend, a great husband, a honorable father and the man I always wanted to find.

Thank you.

12 February 2009


Aloha friends and family!

If you didn't know already Maui is my all time favorite vacation spot. I've been twice. Once with my family and the second time on my honeymoon! My fiance at the time said, "honey where do you want to go?" Maui, please! And off we went!

It was truly amazing to share that experience with him. Even though I had bronchitis on our trip thanks to the 30 degree weather we had for our rehearsal dinner and our wedding which was outside. Yes, it was cold in Atlanta on April 7th, 2007 but well worth it. We saw snowflakes the night before at our Luau Rehearsal Dinner!

Once you visit you will find your favorite Hawaii products like their Kona coffee that I can drink it black ( i drink my coffee usually with flavored creamers), love the fruits like the papaya or the mango's that you can buy off the side of the street, their is this amazing smelling lotion that I truly love and I should have bought much more of them but didn't, chocolate covered coffee beans, and Hershey's Kisses with Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts! Yum-O!

Can't wait to go back! Maybe for our 10 year wedding anniversary?

09 February 2009


Yes, this is true. My husband love the Florida Gators.  This is his only flaw I must say. Many people said our married wouldn’t survive because of this ‘rival’ we speak of. One day a year I can say it’s WAR. It’s all in good fun until my in-laws bought Jack this horrible orange and blue outfit. Seriously who would dress their children in these colors let alone follow this team in the SEC? I don’t get it. Jack doesn’t even look happy here look at that face!

Dec. Jan 09 042

In fact, since growing up in GA I picked the best SEC team in the nation! Bulldog nation that is! Any mother will agree that red and black is much better suited for your children’s clothes especially on game day!



Jack at 8 months and counting...

Jack is 8 months and counting. He is clapping, crawling, wanting to walk, and he says "dada" and starting to say "mmmmmmmm". I had figured it out! Jack thought I was his "dada". Hmm not sure what my husband thinks of that one. He also has two teeth on the bottom, finally! Cherrios are his new favorite food group but not to worry he loves anything on mommy or daddy's plate. However I tend to share more of my food.

But isn't he so cute on his horse that he got from his grandparents. The horse makes the funniest sounds...do you remember in elementary school and going to computer or lab class. They had this game called "Oregon Trail". The sounds remind of of this game. It makes me laugh every time. (Link to come once I learn how to use Live Writer)

06 February 2009

"He's just not that into you"

If any of you haven't read this book then you are missing out. When I was single , I had trouble figuring out men just like all of my friends. Then my girlfriend, said "here read this". What? I don't need a book to tell me that us female analyze and pick through every word that any guy has ever promised us! But I did.

I found it so funny that I'd peed in my pants and very entertaining. Human nature, men are different then women, we look for 'signs' that he likes us and we give directions by using landmarks, restaurants and street names. If he says "I will call you." We expect you to call! How hard is that? Don't' say that if you don't mean it.
So now the movie is out with a great cast: Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore - have I said enough yet? Ben Affleck, Justin Long and Scarlett Johansson...finally a good GIRL movie.
I have a feeling this movie will be at the top of the box office this weekend. This movie is definitely on my "To Do List" this weekend as I'm going out with a friend.

03 February 2009

Some relief in site...

I've been experiencing these horrible headaches where the slight crying or scream from Jack erks me to where I just want to turn off the lights and go to sleep. But the other day like a lightblub going off I put two and two together that the headache pain is probably from my toothache!

I made an appointment at a new dentist and surprisingly I kinda like them, well so far that is. However the root of my headache (no pun intended) is caused by my moler tooth that chipped away when I was pregnant with Jack. (Note: I did go to a dentist last summer when I was on maternity leave however I didn't appreciate the lack of customer service that I received from their staff and the fact that they were extremely pushy; therefore I only had x rays done and then never went back.) Anyhow so this tooth is not doing so well. The good thing is that they can save it but the bad part is that I have to get a ROOT CANAL next week.

Going to the dentist even for a consulation freaks me out. But everyone on their staff assured me that I'd like Mr. P and I do. We talked about an action plan and I committed with already making an appointment for next week. That is huge in my book. No I don't like doing it during work hours nor do I like being awake during this treatment but it's a step in the right direction. Aaron seemed to be impressed that it won't cost us an arm or a leg.

If you are looking for a new dentist, check out Dr. P at www.alpharettafamilydentistry.com.

Update to follow...