27 April 2009

1 year ago this week…


One year ago this week I was 1 month till my due date with baby Jack. I had a rough pregnancy, I had morning, day and night sickness consistently up until my 5th month, I got sick twice, I was admitted twice (once for spitting up blood and once because my blood pressure wouldn’t settle) and once my weekly appointments started I was on bed rest here and there. Thankfully my doctor said at 37 weeks said that if I didn’t give birth on my own by my due date which was May 27th that she would induce me within the 3 following days. Luckily my doctor was on call for 2 days and I checked in Tuesday night, May 27th to be induced May 28th. It seemed like the longest day ever!

It is hard to believe that it’s been 11 months since Jack has graced our life. The first few weeks were definitely challenging for me but all worth it in the end.

MarchApril 09 022

My little boy is almost one and we are planning his first birthday! It’s been a remarkable year so far and looking forward to many more!

24 April 2009

Friday Fun

Give a ways galore! Here is another one from Sadie!


Go check her out today!

I love Vera!

Take a Look at Lauren's give-a-way! I love Vera Bradley and have a few pieces which I’d love to add too.

Vera bradley - graduation giveaway

Take a look at her blog by midnight on April 30th!!! Tell her I sent you!

Thankful for the weekend!

Thank goodness for the weekend, yes it is true, today starts my weekend as I already worked my 4 days this week. But we have lots today so I won’t be resting, relaxing and playing all day with Jack.

I have to clean the house as my best friend in the world is visiting with her daughter this afternoon. So the house has to be cleaned by 3pm.

We are having a garage sale tomorrow morning so I have to price everything.

I have to go to BJ’s to get some formula but hopefully we are at the end of formula. Since he will be 11 months next week we are starting to wean him off his formula to milk!

Last weekend we took Jack to the GA Aquarium and he loved it.


I hope everyone has a great weekend! Till my next free time to blog…

14 April 2009

The Perfect Photo


April 11 2009 022

The perfect photo is hard to find…okay not really! Jack takes great photo’s whether he smiles or not. This photo is of Jack and his grandma, his daddy’s mom on her birthday from this past Saturday. We went to the park before going out to dinner with grandma and poppa. To our surprise, Jack was fast asleep during dinner! Playing at the park is rough!

Give a Way

My blog friend, Kristen, is having a give a way! Check it out as her gift includes:

- a notebook (need that)
- luggage tags
- bookmarks (started to read again, so need that)
- tissues (baby Jack nose runs a lot, so need that)
- note cards
- 10.00 gift card to Hobby Lobby ( I would give this to my mother)
*all color coordinated, of course!

Who wouldn’t want these? I would be honored. Best of Luck!

12 April 2009

Easter Baby

Happy Easter! This is our Easter baby! He had a great day as we hope you did too.

April 12th Easter 2009 003

April 12th Easter 2009 019

Definitely a cute little boy!

Sugarland Concert

Friday night we went to see Sugarland at the Gwinnett Arena and we managed to stay dry!

The concert was AWESOME! I never thought I’d have so much fun but we did. Luke Bryan opened for Sugarland and he too did a great job! I knew more songs then I thought I did which also surprised my husband.

Sugarland opened with Love and played over 2 hours! They did two encores…one which included them joining the audience to sing ‘Baby Girl’.

Jennifer has an amazing voice that can go on forever.

Kristian sang along with Jennifer while he played the guitar for her. They have an amazing chemistry as we can all see.

At the end of the concert the stage was dark and we saw these purple balloons fill up and little did we know but Jennifer and Kristian were in the huge balloons. They rolled out into the crowds in the balloons! It was great!!

Kristian did must better then Jennifer, he is on the right. It was pretty unique I must say.

Over all it was a great anniversary week!

09 April 2009

Movie Review

My hubby and I went to see the new Fast & the Furious on Tuesday night after our wonderful anniversary dinner at Little Alley which is a Tapas Bar. It is one of our favorite places to eat at however it’s special as we only dine there 2-3 times a year and it’s right down the road from us.

However let me just tell you now that I LOVE these high intense, fast paced, and simple love story movies. It doesn’t take long for me to be hooked. It also doesn’t hurt that within the first 10 minutes they are in a race for their lives…did I mention Vin Diesel? This is the 4th installment of the move, ‘Tokyo Drift’ actually should have been after this movie as my hubby pointed out.

So if you are a fan of one of the other 3 movies you won’t be disappointed! Run out and see it as it is worth every dollar you spend to watch the movie.

06 April 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary Baby!


MarchApril 09 010


There are not many words to describe how much I’ve enjoyed and cherished my past 3 years with this man! He’s simply the best I could have ever wished for! Without him I would be nothing and I would have nothing. Thank you for all you do for me.

Happy 2nd Anniversary to you!

Where have we been?

It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to post…last week was just busy or so it seemed. Jack went to bed fairly well and didn’t wake up once last week!

Finally here are some photos that I’ve taken in the last two weeks.

MarchApril 09 007

Aaron and I wanted to plant some Herbs, veggies and fruits this year on our patio. While his daddy tended to the plants, Jack had to be on the patio too!

MarchApril 09 014

This is one of our plants either a strawberry plant or a grape tomato plant, at this time we don’t remember which is which. Since the weather will be below freezing tonight our two plants are in our laundry room to be a.) safe from our cats (they will eat the plant) and b.) they will be nice and warm till the weather warms up.

MarchApril 09 017

This is Jack at 10 months old he is standing more and more and trying to walk. At most he’s taking 3 steps at any given chance he’s had. Still teething so he’s chewing on this tether that we got him a while ago.

MarchApril 09 018

He’s pretty fast these days. He loves to chase the camera as you can see.

MarchApril 09 025

Jack in his nightly bath. We sing while we wash him. Isn’t he adorable?

We are pretty special parents to have this adorable growing boy! Before our eyes he’s grown from a little baby to a happy, beautiful, and loving boy!