26 January 2009

I hate the Dentist!!!

Yes, it is true! I hate the dentist. It could be the fact that since I was little I remember the dentist pulling out 12 of my baby teeth, wearing braces for 4 years, having mouth surgery more than once and yes they have scarred me in my adult life. I don't like the x-rays they have to do, nor lying back in the chair starring at the ceiling...nope I rather be moving or giving birth!

So it's that time again to look for a new dentist. I went in June after Jack was born because while pregnant two of my fillings chipped off including part of my tooth. However they said they couldn't fix those two teeth until they did the scaling of my teeth (advance cleaning) which would only take two treatments however it would have cost us out of pocket over $600. We had just paid them $400 out of pocket for Aaron's teeth that he had to get fixed.

My task this week is to look for another dentist in our area. I told Aaron that I'm looking for a dentist that can just put me under for a couple hours and I can wake up to good teeth and a pedicure! Wouldn't that be nice!

22 January 2009

Things I'm Happy for...

Lately I've seen several blogs about what everyone is Happy for in life...so I thought it was only fit If I did the same. Some of these things you might not even know about me.

1. I love sushi! You know the real raw stuff! Many of my friends say they like sushi but eventually I learn that they only like the cooked sushi, that is not real sushi!

2. I have 3 cats that I've/we've saved from them having a life on their own i.e feral cats. I couldn't imagine them not being with us. When we get a dog, I'm sure we will only get a dog from the kennel. There are so many pets that are left behind which breaks my heart.

3. My parents...they are truely amazing. No wonder I turned out to be a great person! My parents are amazing, oh wait I already said that and without them in life I'm not sure where I'd be. I'm thankful I've had great role models to look up to.

4. My best friend, Aaron, my husband, my friend, a great father, an over achiever provider, the worrier, the humorous boy, the sports addict and the loving man I get to call my husband. I'm truely blessed -thank you Yahoo personals!

5. I love sports! GA Bulldogs, Atlanta Braves, Gwinnett Gladitors, Atlanta Falcons but no Basketball, please! My husband is a very happy man!

6. I really enjoy my job. We provide training programs to hospitality graduates from oversees to train in US hotels and restaurants within the US on their J-1 visa. I used to work in hotel sales and loved that too. But now my clients are hotels and restaurants throughout the U.S. I get to talk to many clients from Atlanta to Hawaii. I get to talk to the candiates we bring over from Germany, France, India, Turkey, Japan and the Carribean. My job is very rewarding for me and for that I'm blessed and thankful for my job.

7. I'm looking forward to my garden tub when we have a house, that is my #1 priority, funny huh? A woman has got to enjoy her baths!

8. I love to travel and given the opportunity and the funds, I'd go somewhere tomorrow if I could.

9. My friends...moms like me that are truely blessed to have all they ever wanted in life. I thank all my friends for their support through our ups and downs and thank you for our on going friendship. I'm always here for you no matter what!

10. I have this simple wish for my son, that one day he will grow up to be a wonderful man like his father. Simple, supportive, loving, energetic, smart, polite, funny, and he too will make one wonderful woman happy!

15 January 2009

Laughing Jack

The happiest little boy in the world. Motherhood is wonderful joy I've always wanted and now I have it.

Today's the day

Finally, I've taken a few minutes to myself to start this blog. I've been waiting to do it for quite some time but when do I have time?

Why I wanted to use blogspot...before Jack was born I created his own website with all my pregnancy updates then his photos and his updates. But now we have our own little family and I want to talk about all of us and all that happens in our lives. So one central location.