07 December 2009

Visit with Santa

Jack sat with Santa this weekend. We went up to Bass Pro Shop early Saturday morning and was early in line. Jack had plenty of time to walk around the store and find many things he wants for Christmas! He was such a trooper! He didn't cry which I thought he might. The little 15 month old girl in front of us cried so I distracted Jack so he couldn't see her. I think it worked.

As you can see he's really serious and no smiles on Santa's lap. I'm not even sure if he told Santa what he wants for Christmas but I'm sure he will bring him everything he ever wanted!

Happy Holidays!

02 December 2009

Jack is 18 months!

Our little munchkin is 18 months old! Where did all the time go? Oh wait I remember...sleepless nights but priceless moments.

Jack went to the doctor for his check up yesterday and here are his stats:

height: 33 inches (89%) He will be tall!
weight: 24.9 lbs (32%) He will be slender!

He had another eye exam and all looks good. Two shots and out the door! He's become slightly less interested in going to the doctor at his age. As he finally understands that going to the doctor means that he will have to lay down and get check out and get those routine shots! Last week I took him into the doctor because he was sick. He had Croup for the 3rd time this year. However he's all better.

No more doctor appointments until May at his 2 year checkup!