29 March 2009

More time on my hands

This week we were informed that due to our decline in business that both of us (yes, just two of us in the office) will have to take a 20% pay cut and work 4 days a week starting April 6th. How long will this last? Well until we do much better for two consecutive months. I am the optimistic one of the office, so they look to me for my two cents but this one is hard to do. Since we work in the hospitality industry and tourism is down across the country and the world the future looks dim. At first hearing this I was upset and down. I’m busting my butt to find that hidden business but still no luck. I’m reaching outside the box to find what I’m looking for and still nothing. The last few months have been bleak so I’m not surprised of this decision from the owner but it just SUCKS!

So what does that mean for my little family? Aaron will start working 20% harder….maybe even get some OT. Jack will have to eat 20% less. When we go out to eat we’ve vowed to spilt a meal therefore saving 50% on the bill.

On the positive side, I will spend more time with Jack in my pajama’s. We will get to read more and go on walks outside together or go to the playground.

So we can only go forward from here and not to worry we will be just fine, my husband assures it!

21 March 2009

1 year of inspiration…

Check out my mother’s page where you can win her Blog Anniversary Give A Way she made her gift and I can say you will love it! She is very crafty and has many ideas. Ideas which she should try to sell on Etsy!

Unfortunately I didn’t get her craft! I really have to work at it which is hard sometimes. Her things just come to her! She’s amazing and you will love her Give A Way! So please stop by and see her blog!


18 March 2009

Surprise at my door

Tonight when I got home I had a package to my surprise!

I won a February give a way from Kim's Custom Cards! I received ‘thank you’ gift cards and a wristlet! Take a look at her site she has great items for everyone!

Thanks Kim, I love them!

16 March 2009

Night time routine

My favorite part of my evening is spending time with Jack and making him tired so he won’t be up late. Some days like today he only took one 20 minute nap. Which mean two things: first off he will be in bed by 8pm sharp and secondly he will be cranky.

Tonight we got home around 6, I made dinner as Aaron played with Jack by 6:30 dinner is on the table and Jack is finally eating. He only ate lunch today and 3 – 8oz bottles so no breakfast which is not like Jack to miss a meal! He ate like a good boy so no worries there. I played with him after dinner while Aaron cleaned up the kitchen.

March 2009 021

Just after 7:15 Jack started to get fussy so I took him in his room to play.  I sat him in his crib and this is our new nightly routine.

March 2009 036

I turned on his Fisher Price Waterfall and he sat and watched it for a few minutes. Yes, Jack has his own pillow.

March 2009 031

Then he starts to interact with the waterfall with his bear in his mouth; it has lights and plays music and their is a monkey, a toucan and a frog that swing back and forth; in case you didn’t know.

March 2009 033

Then it starts: up, down, up and down still with the bear in his mouth. (see his little dimple)

March 2009 034

Up and…

March 2009 037

Back down…

March 2009 039

Then his daddy enters the room to play the ‘game’ with him.

March 2009 040

Then the bear goes overboard…

March 2009 042

Jack thinks its funny when the bear hits the ground. Either Aaron or I pick it up and throw it back in the crib and this ‘game’ continues for 5 – 10 minutes.

March 2009 045

When we throw his bear back in or other toys, note the bowling pin in his crib; he laughs into his pillow like a crazy boy. He is too funny!

March 2009 048

Then we read him his books before he gets his bottle and before you know it it’s 8pm and he’s wiped out!

Good night Pumpkin! We love you!

15 March 2009


Tonight I logged on to my computer which happens to be my first free moment all weekend. Not to worry I got lots of things done…we went shopping at Super Target (they have the best lunch meat), BJ’s warehouse, children’s consignment shop (bought nothing), kohl’s and I treated my mom and I to a pedicure. Simply divine…finally pretty toes!

So to my surprise, I was reading a friend’s blog and found out that I inspired her current give-a-way! Me, little old me! Gosh I’m honored! All I wanted was to learn more about her and I got what I wanted.

Thanks K, I appreciate it! Check out her blog to see what you can do to WIN her give-a-way!

13 March 2009

Where went the time?

I haven't had much time to blog lately. My work week has come and gone but don't know where it went too. Jack has been sleeping through the night for over a week (knock on wood) so that isn't my excuse. I've been just tired but a 'good' tired. We started walking again since the weather has been beautiful. I've been eating at least two salads a day, taking my vitamins and drinking water like crazy and not to mention going to the bathroom 5 times before I eat lunch. I need my catheter back from when I was in the hospital!

I haven't taken many photos either lately, as my camera rechargable batteries aren't charging, if I had money I'd buy a fancy dancy camera! One day I will.

Weekend plans? Hmmm...I'm having my monthly eye brows waxed, we are taking one of the cars to get a diagonstic test done as it needs its emissions test done next month, we are going to BJ's for formula, grocery store, my husband wants to buy Jack a toy box, and he needs some shorts when the weather returns. So this is a typical weekend, oh wait I almost forgot my pedicure with my mother!

Next week I hope to post more, until then have a great weekend and thanks for being faithful!

05 March 2009

9 months and counting

happy.feb 09

Jack is 9 months old!

He had his 9 month doctor appointment yesterday and he’s our little spit fire!

Height: 29 inches

Weight: 20.9lb

Growing, growing and growing like a weed. These coming months we are focusing on saying “hi” and “bye”. He’s starting to stand up with not holding on and he’s walking with his walker and with his Great grandma's walker, photos to come! He’s so independent these days it’s amazing.

jack and mommy

Jack had his first birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese this past weekend to see his girlfriend turn 1. See my mother's

post for additional photos!

03 March 2009

Joys of Jack

These are a few of my favorite photos of Jack.

Jack Aaron May 28 2008 – his birth


4 days old with Uncle Steven


Charlie looking over Jack already!


4 generations, Jack is 2 months old

4 generations

July 1st pool party

Jack and his daddy

First veggie, carrots at 5 months old

carrots 2

the uncontrollable drool…6 months

Nov 002

watching Curious George while my parents get ready for work

Dec 008

eating Elmo and enjoying it!

Dec. Jan 09 008

Christmas 2008

Jack 181

01 March 2009

2009 Snow Day

Today is the first sight of snow in the Atlanta area. We live about 20 miles north of the city and around noon the flurries started. The weatherpersons said that we should expect 2- 4 inches. In Atlanta that is a lot! We usually get snow fall once a year, so enjoy the day kids!

Since this is Jack’s first sight of snow, well we had to get all bundled up and go out side for him to see what it’s all about.

Feb snow 005

What do you think he’s thinking about?

Feb snow 001

Mama what is this stuff?

Feb snow 006

Notice my eyes are shut? I wasn’t aware Aaron was ready.

Feb snow 010

Enjoy the snow fall!