25 June 2009

Music Idol

I was on my way to bowling tonight when I heard the first rumor that Michael is gone. I called my father and said he’s dead.

It is sad to know my child won’t grow up to know who Michael Jackson was. He was a legend. He was an Icon.

This is how I will remember you.


Rest in peace.

23 June 2009

Three Wonderful Years

It’s been 3 years to the day that I meant my husband. I still remember the first time I saw him, we decided to meet at a local Mexican Restaurant for a beer, nothing too serious, just a drink. When I pulled up he was standing outside, he had on jeans with a long sleeve black dress shirt, head shaven, glasses, and a huge smile. I knew that as long as he was able to hold a conversation and keep me interested I could be in trouble! We sat down and order our beer, about 20 minutes in I called him out, as he was trying to watch the Braves game around my head that was up on the tv behind me. I still give him hell to this day!

Oct 2007 003

But what can I say, I knew I’d marry this man and I did! My life is perfect, I have a great husband and father to our child, we have a beautiful son, and we have a great little family. I love you honey!

21 June 2009

Thank you Firefighters!

Friday night was suppose to be a relaxing evening at home with the 3 of us. That quickly turned around shortly after I picked up my son at my parents house.

The every day is the same routine, I leave work at 5pm, drive to my parents place, pick up Jack and go home. But this nightly routine would be different. I left my parents place, walked down stairs, opened the car, put Jack in his car seat, I started the car because it was over 95 degrees and I didn’t want my baby to get too hot, and I shut the door. I had that feeling before I even opened my door, yep you guessed it, I locked my baby in the car and locked me out of the car! (the air condition was on) It was a few moments before my father realized the same thing before he came running down the stairs. I called my husband and asked him if he had the spare set of the car keys because well we were going to need them. He was at his parents…about 20 minutes away, now grant you it’s Friday at 5:45 and there is traffic even on the back roads. Jack was fine as long as we entertained him, then he realized he was on the inside strapped in and mommy was on the outside and not coming in. My mother called 911 as we hoped they would be able to get to us quicker then my husband would be. Within 5 – 8 minutes the Firefighters arrived with their gear in hand. It took them less than 2 minutes for them to open up the car door! Finally I had my baby in my arms and I promised him a million times never again!

I’m sure he’s already forgotten of his experience however mommy will never forget!

Sorry no photos either!

15 June 2009

Doctors x3

This weekend started out on a bad foot…my husband had a horrible headache and/or migraine that started on Wednesday and continued till he went to a Walk In Clinic on Friday after work. Luckily he only has a sinus infection!

All last week our son, Jack had been fighting a new tooth coming in or so we thought, yes he got his 5th tooth in but then he hadn’t been eating, then diarrhea, some vomiting, he was taking longer naps, and he wasn’t active. Then he started with a fever here and there then Friday morning he woke up with a rash on his face, neck and chest which quickly spread to his arm, back and bottom. Saturday morning I ended up taking him a Children Walk In Clinic. The doctor said that she suspected he has Roseola.

June 2009 004

Isn’t he just precious?

Last night after a long day, all I wanted to do is be with my boys and put Jack to bed. However I started to pick up a few things around the living room and apparently I picked up scissors and didn’t know it and they fell point down onto my toe. Ouch! It bleed and bleed. My husband quickly called my parents to have them come watch Jack so we could go to the hospital. I ended up getting a tenuous shot and a small piece of tape to keep the wound closed. I would have been better off with a band aid as the tape didn’t keep my wound from bleeding!

Needless to say we had a splendid weekend and now we wait for our insurance to pay or not pay our medical bills.

07 June 2009


This morning we took Jack swimming a swift plan to also to make him tired so he will take a good nap.

June 2009 001

He loves the water! Summer here we come!

02 June 2009

12 month Check up

Jack had his 12 month check up on Friday, May 29th.

He is 30.75  inches tall and he grew 1.75 inches since his last appointment

He weighs 22 lb 12 oz from 20lb 9 oz at 9 months

The circumference of his head is 19 inches from 18.5 inches

He received three shots

The Doc was impressed with our little man as she clearly saw that he is active, walking, chatting, and very lovely.

Next appt is Sept 1st for his 15 month check up.


Wasn’t he adorable?

01 June 2009


This weekend my husband, I and my in-laws went camping at Fort Mountain State Park in the North Georgia Mountains. We had a PWI – Private Walk In Camp site. Not what any of us were expecting.

This was the hike to our camp site. It was aprox 1/4 mile hike uphill or 442 steps. Did I mention the bathroom was even farther?

Camping May 2009 063

Cooler, mattress pad, pillow…check.

Camping May 2009 062

After several hikes to our campsite we finally set up camp. This was our tent nestled between the trees.

Camping May 2009 039

Resting before another hike (down the trail) I looked up to see a magnificent site that I’d not seen before. How much perfect can the trees glow in this natural light?

Camping May 2009 008 

Back to camp this is a fort that is at every site if you didn’t have a tent I guess you’d sleep here.

Camping May 2009 004

Below is our watering hole that served the purpose of washing our dishes, hands and my hair. A small water well pump under ground that gave us fresh cold water.

Camping May 2009 007

As always we take our Self Portrait. When camping it’s best to do the bare minimal. Note: hair back in a pony, no makeup, loose fitting attire. All which worked well.

Camping May 2009 014

The serene waterfall

Camping May 2009 029

Enjoying our view.

Camping May 2009 031

We had a good time needless to say. Perfect weather, perfect company, and glad to be home in our own bed.