30 August 2009

Sick of being sick

How Ironic that my last post was also about being sick - however that one was about my child and my husband being sick. That night I got home from work, picked through my dinner, and shortly after I had chills and the fever the same one my husband had two nights ago.

Tuesday morning came and I was still having the chills so I called off of work. However that wasn't the end of it. My stomach started to churn, make very loud noises as if it was fighting within its self and then the cramping started. I was in so much pain. When I went to the bathroom it turned out that I too had been stricken with the wrath. I too had diarrhea. There is no nice way to put it. All morning back and forth from my bed. So i didn't waste any time and I called the doctor. Thankfully I was able to see the Nurse Practitioner in one hour.

At the doctors office I went through the normal procedure, check your weight (hmm nice I thought I lost 3 lbs since Monday), check my blood pressure (good), took my temp (98), ask about my symptoms (fever, chills, cramping, diarrhea), and then she listened to my stomach. Oh cool I thought I never get to lay down on the doctors table. She carefully listened with her stethoscope (although you didn't need that my tummy was having war and loud enough for everyone to hear), she moved it around a bit and said WOW it's really busy in there. She then asked for a urine sample. However that was a NO go. Add Dehydration to my list! So then she took some blood. I was told to take it easy, eat bland foods such as toast, potatoes, and Gatorade 2 (less sugar) and drink lots of it. She gave me a prescription to keep the cramping down as it might help the stomach issues. I ended up staying home the next day too. The overnight was pure hell. While lying in bed trying to sleep any time i moved or my husband moved I had to go to the bathroom. I was miserable. I was weak and tired.

I decided to go to work on Friday only because we were having a going away dinner for a collegue of mine. I did speak to the nurse as she called to check on me and ask how I was feeling. I told her things were the same and I didn't feel any better. She spoke with the Nurse Practionier and called in two antibotics for me to start taking. I didn't make it all day and left around 3:30. I went home to pick up my antibotics and rested. The past two days I was lucky if I ate 2 pieces of toast and one other item. However with these antibotics I would have to eat at least twice a day as my medicine needs to be taken with food.

Over the weekend I am still not better, I'm eating a bit more, drinking lots, and resting. So here is the TMI alert - stop reading if you don't want to know!!!
I had to take a stool sample for the doctors office. Not pleasant but have to do it. I shouldn't be still sick! This is miserable. I am miserable. I want to be better and back to normal how hard is that to ask. I've never been this ill before and for this long.

Today I've eaten: scrambled eggs and 1 biscuit, noodles, and cinnamon toast. I can't wait to eat my points again. I haven't counted points in over 10 days. I didn't go to WW this Saturday as it didn't seem right to go in and loosing 13lbs and get a celebration for it. "Hi, I've been sick for 7 days and not eating so that's how I lost all this weight!" Um No that is not good for my body or for my mind. However I did make a deal with myself that when I loose 10 lb that I will reward myself with a hair relaxer...any takers?

25 August 2009

A week of sickness

The past week my household has been sick. It all started with Jack when he had a fever last Sunday and a runny nose. This quickly turned into Croup along with not eating and diarrhea and continued for about 5 days. He seems to be much better with little coughing and still not eating much. I also have been weak, sick to my stomach and tired. Then oddly enough my cycle started 4 days early! Now my husband is feeling the rath. The one person in the family that misses it all! He's had a fever for two evenings and a sick stomach. I told him to stay home and rest but he doesn't listen sometimes.

I can't wait till we are all back to normal. No one likes being sick!

15 August 2009

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Please vote for our son who is in 2nd place of over 4888 photos submitted to the Disney.com ‘Messy Baby Faces’ Contest!

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carrots 2

09 August 2009

Hot Hot Hot

What do you do when it’s 93 degree in Hot’Lanta? You go where it’s cool!

August 2009 028

We all love the new fountain park near our home! It is especially great when we all don’t want to get wet!

August 2009 004

Note: These are Crocs! Orange at that but nonetheless his father approves!

05 August 2009

I do not LIKE it.

My husband lost one of his uncle's last week due to cancer. He was diagnosed just 6 months ago and his cancer was so advanced that treatment was not working! My husband and I went went to Tallahassee for his viewing and his funeral. It was truly an emotional two days. Too see all his family gathering to celebrate his life, his wife, his daughter, and two granddaughters was wonderful but yet heartbreaking and he was only 56 years old. We appreciate that we saw him just 4 weeks ago at the family reunion.

After these two days I realized that I don't like attending the viewings. For the person who you are mourning looks nothing like the body they show before you. Why would you want to remember your loved one this way? I think it's much more emotional on the family to see him this way.

In the past 15 months, we've attended 3 viewings and funerals. So I have defiantly have had too much in a short time.

When I was in my early twenties I lived with a roommate and she took me to visit her father at his grave site. This truly freaked me out. I never remembered going to a grave site to visit anyone I knew. I guess I was under the impression that everyone was cremated. So here I am walking through the cemetery trying not to step on anyone. I walk around their would be body as I don't want any harm to follow me home. Talk about superstitious...I do the same when we visit my husbands grandparents at their grave sites too.

I'd like to be remembered as I am today and when I do pass for my family not to have a viewing as I want my organs to go to those who need them and let my ashes be passed on.